Munemasa Takahashi, Spinning A Yarn


'With Spinning a Yarn, Takahashi has turned his camera to myriad subjects, shooting everything from daily life to personal moments, strangers, landscapes, family and documentary. By changing his equipment to an 8×10 large format camera he found that his approach and means of expression evolved as well. He became keenly aware of photography’s ability to serve as documentation when choosing subjects, and strived to capture each with the utmost respect. His search for things that float in water led to unexpected places–weddings, child rearing and even delivery rooms, all of which left a profound mark on him. This project is a mediation on the strange loop of forgetting and recollection that is our memory as well as the larger theme of photographs being left behind for future generations.'

Munemasa Takahashi
Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1980. He graduated from Nippon Photography Institute Tokyo in 2001.
After the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, he became a member of the Salvage Memoryproject which returns lost photos to their owners in the town of Yamamoto in Miyagi prefecture, one of the places hit worst by the tsunami. During this project, he took heavily damaged photos which had been thrown away and turned them into a traveling exhibition named Lost & Found Projectthat aimed to raise funds for tsunami survivors. He has published a catalogue of this exhibition titled Tsunami, Photographs, and Then – LOST & FOUND PROJECT(AKAAKA 2014). His other photographic books, SKYFISH(AKAAKA 2010), Laying Stones(VERO 2015), Birds on the Heads / Bodies in the Dark(VERO 2016) andSpinning a Yarn(VERO 2020) have been published.

235x190mm | 84pages | softcover (foil embossed cover with tipped-in image)
Limited of 700 (numbered & signed)
Published by VERO (Takahashi's self-publishing label)