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Seeking Channels

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Conceived in response to a collective sense of freefall, Seeking Channels interrogates the systems that shape our ways of knowing & searches for tools that help bring into focus a connection to our world. Against a backdrop of techno-solutionism, global heating & escape strategies, Seeking Channels looks for worms in the mud and asks their grandparents how to plant a garden.

Seeking Channels was published concurrently with Well Projects 2022 exhibition programme of the same name. 


Billy Crosby & Sian Newlove-Drew, Bones Tan Jones & Nicolette Clara Iles, Dayna Casey, El Hardwick, Feral Practice, Georgia May Jaeckle, Georgie Hurst, Dr Helen Greaves, Hannan Jones & Shamica Ruddock, Holly White, Ibiye Camp, Milo Creese, Sean Roy Parker, and Kris Lock.

Edited by Kris Lock. Design and layout by George Harding. Printed by Park Press and bound at Lanes, Broadstairs. Covers screen printed at Bardo Editions, Margate

Edition of 300