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Nhu Xuan Hua, Tropism *Signed

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Nhu Xuan Hua delved into the power of memories in a piece of work titled Tropism, Consequences of a Displaced Memory.  The work gives a face to those tropisms that describe spontaneous and automatic reactions initiated by vivid emotions in response to primarily needs or past events in life. Based on archival pictures from her family, the digital intervention interprets these memories through a new angle, exploring the effect of dissipation generated by time passing and driven by the forces of an inherited memory. 

This study is an invitation for a treasure hunt on paper, where the images map a route connecting past and present. Places and people merge: he, she, they, here, there become one after having been separate for so long. In this imaginary bi-dimensional city, the elements from the photographs lose themselves and disappear, leaving behind them the mere and haunting presence of nostalgia