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Haiku Sandwiches: Poetry In Bread

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Haiku Sandwiches is a recipe book that realises the connections between poetry and cooking, the ritual and ceremony in the every day, breaking the sandwich out of the triangular-shaped box and offering it up as a tool for expression.

Opening with an introductory essay on the sandwich as a vessel for ideas and also a weapon for societal and dietary control, the book takes you on a journey of experimentation. Rather than prescribing exact recipes and addictively easy forms, it keeps the ambiguity a haiku can conjure to leave the bread as an open canvas for readers to interpret and create as they wish.

The main bulk consists of 42 haikus, each line inspired by a sandwich filler but with the potential of relating to many more. These pages are perforated to allow the reader to switch between the lines and create haiku/sandwich combinations of their own.

To complement the fluid creativity of the haiku-recipes, there is a more indepth section at the back that offers up specific ingredient suggestions and recipes for spreads and sandwich fillings, these are laid out in an inventive way that should still hopefully encourage readers to dip in and take inspiration from rather than following devoutly.

Published by Not A Sausage Housework Press.