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Georgia René-Worms, A Season In Cairo

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In a game of ethereal to and fro between Paris and Cairo, political archives and fantasy images, Georgia René-Worms immerses herself in an investigation in which, through the haze of Negroni, subjective intuitions and urban drift, the tutelary figures of the artistic avant-garde and the feminist and emancipatory struggles of the mid-twentieth century in Egypt re-emerge.

Georgia René-Worms is a Paris based curator-writer. Her work is structured around two axes: documentary – generally based on feminist figures – and narrative. There she develops an experimental writing, in the vein of new narrative.  Since 2020, and based on her personal experience, she has been reflecting on the possibility of establishing a corpus, other than that of scientific literature, to address the history of sick bodies in an emancipatory gesture. Her research and writings are conceived as life experiences in which intimacy and work interpenetrate. Her practice ranges from curating exhibitions to writing and producing installations. Her practice constantly raises the question of exposing the text and disseminating the knowledge she manipulates and produces.

The publication is presented in a silver holographic plastic pouch, format 20x14cm
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