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Peggy Nolan, Juggling Is Easy

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In crisp black and white, we see a bedroom littered with clothing, electrical cords, a bicycle. From the mangled bedsheets emerge a pair of legs. Underneath them, presumably, a teenager is deep asleep. As a mother of seven, Peggy Levison Nolan understands puberty and boredom and mess. As a photographer, she captures it all intimately, exquisitely, and without judgment. In her new book, 'Juggling Is Easy' (TBW Books), Nolan invites us into her home in the 1980s and ’90s and shows us how her kids lived. “I was attuned to the fact that they wanted privacy and couldn’t get it,” Nolan says. “We were on top of each other.” For a long time, Nolan slept on the couch while the kids shared the bedrooms. “I always tried to give my daughters their own space.”

First Edition.