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Marfa 20, My Decade Of Decadence

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From Marfa Journal on their 10th anniversary issue: "HAPPY MARFA-BIRTHDAY TO US!

Hello friends old and new. This issue marks a very special anniversary: our tenth birthday. A decade of decadence.To celebrate the occasion, we are ready to share some deep and meaningful contemplations from the bath with you.

After ten aching years of emailing Sofia Coppola, we finally met her in NewYork. Then we travelled north of the border to visit Beverly Glenn-Copeland and his wife Elizabeth in Ontario, Canada, leaving us spiritually uplifted and re-energised for the rest of the issue. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, actress Vicky Krieps cosied up in a Parisian living room on a very elaborate sofa and Dr. Orna Guralnik stopped by to have her photograph taken in London, wearing a wedding dress.

It wouldn’t be an anniversary without celebrating some precious memories, so we welcome back some familiar faces – Chloë Sevigny dressed up nicely (this time without the lobster) and MARFAVOURITE supermodel Lily McMenamy posed carefully amongst some avant-garde art at Kettle’sYard.The cherry on top is pregnant MARFRIEND Clara Cullen laid bare in front of Michèle Lamy. Perfect timing for our MARFANNIVERSARY.

Although we’ve worked hard over the years and have settled into our new upmarket des res, we still can’t seem to shake our weakness for the IKEA Billy bookcase. To help sort out these new shelves, we enlisted the help of some charming men from the ICA before speaking with artists Roman Signer, Omar El Lahib and Ben Fosker, directors Hal Hartley and Brandon Cronenberg… all topped off with a private recital from our MARFA Muse, Maestro Andrea Bocelli. The very special 20th edition has a lot to offer.

All this is joined by contributions from Takashi Homma, Linda Engelhardt, Vanessa Reid, Senta Simond, Bianca Raggi, Alexandra Gordienko, EstherTheaker, Rachel Chandler, Makram Bitar, Jess Cole, Max Pearmain, Omaima Salem, Jonathan Frantini, Karoline Robl, Thistle Brown, Vincent Le Chapelain, Max Farago, Jack Day, Mark Borthwick, Danny Reed &Valeria Herklotz.

Here’s to ten more years of erratic choices with unashamedly chic results xx"