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Sakiko Nomura, Blue Water 1967-2022

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With its generous selection of works from her 30-year long career, the photobook “Blue Water” captures the essence of Sakiko Nomura’s photography.

Published on occasion of a large-scale solo exhibition in Nomura’s hometown of Shimonoseki, the book dives into the past but also features completely new photographs by one of Japan’s most distinguished photographers. A former assistant of Nobuyoshi Araki’s, Sakiko Nomura’s photographs glow with strength and intensity that are rooted in stillness and delicacy. With withering flowers, shifting clothes, flashes of skin, palpable absences and heavy gazes, Nomura’s works play with longing, eroticism and allusions.

“Blue Water” also includes the short story “Umi-kaze” (“Sea Breeze”) by Shimonoseki-born writer Shinya Tanaka (all texts only available in Japanese).

Published by Little More, 2022.