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Abigail Jones, A Taste For Perfection

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Since 2008, Abigail Jones has been habitually making text-driven, dated works on paper that record and translate events relating to her own life and which reference and interpret events on the global stage. She refers to these (now over 1200) paintings broadly, as a ‘A Taste for Perfection’.

155 paintings from the series have been selected for a book on this ongoing project. This sprawling collection, designed with Paul Bailey, records thirteen years of Jones’s garrulous impressions of daily existence that are simultaneously personal, popular, and political.

The publication also includes an interview with Abigail Jones conducted by the artist Holly Márie Parnell. 

A selection of paintings from ‘A Taste for Perfection’, ‘Ten Years of Fucking Mayhem’, was previously published by Eros Press in 2016.