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Hans Ulrich Obrist and James Lovelock, Ever Gaia, Isolarii #8

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“As we spoke of his inventions, I realized that what is common to them all is that they astound not in their appearance but in what they make apparent. They leave us staring, jaw-dropped yet clear-eyed, into a new reality—in which Gaia has taken the place of God: 'Oh my Gaia', we are left uttering.” —Hans Ulrich Obrist

This issue of the Isolarii series (reviving the extinct genre of isolarii—the ‘island books’ that emerged at the start of the Renaissance) presents a dialogue between Hans Ulrich Obrist and James Lovelock, and features contributions from Daisy Hildyard, Precious Okoyomon, and Tim Lenton. 

Published in March 2023.