Wallet, Vol. 9: Culture of Critique

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A conversation on fashion criticism and its numerous contemporary forms. Featuring Robin Givhan, Steve Oklyn and Vanessa Friedman in a text conversation, and Agnès B., Ann Demeulemeester, Fidan Novruzova, Gauntlett Cheng, Hermès, Kwaidan Editions, Ligia Dias, Miu Miu, Myrza de Muynck, Proenza Schouler, René Scheibenbauer, Robert Wun, Susan Cianciolo, Takahiromiyashita The Soloist, Telfar, Uma Wang, Undercover, Vacquera, Wali Mohammed Barrech and Ziggy Chen in a visual conversation.

Wallet is a fashion commentary publication dedicated to creating a critical dialogue within the fashion industry. Thematically produced, each issue asks new questions around various aspects of the fashion industry; be it power, publishing, education, space, retail, casting, advertising, technology. Coming to existence in a fashion media climate where visual content trumps editorial; in-depth stories are branded and dependent on commercial interest and advertisers, Wallet creates space for the written word and for conversations that include and go beyond what we as consumers process as part of the fashion system. Published three times per year, each issue is delicately structured and designed within its iconic pocket-sized format, and includes an introductory prelude, three long-form conversations with powerful figures within the industry, a visual conversation subverting the notion of a traditional fashion story, as well as a postlude for afterthought. Wallet has received great critical acclaim internationally.