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Viviane Sassen, Umbra, *First Edition

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'UMBRA delves into the world of shadows. A darkness that is seductive and deceptive.
A darkness that lies in every human soul, as a still black lake with a surface flat as a mirror that can not be but shattered.

UMBRA is, naturally, also the story of light, from its blinding qualities to its brittle brightness. The ever conflicting pull of light and darkness kicked off the quest for imagery of what can not be contained: a world continuously in motion, the mind unable to decide which direction to take. Shadow, eventually, as a force of life, and not only the negation of light.

Viviane Sassen and Maria Barnas shared their interests in the darker sides of life, in this publication that shines with lucidity.'

Published by oodee, 2014. First edition. Printed in 600 copies. The slipcase shows signs of oxidation /shelf-wear (see images) but the item is in excellent condition otherwise.