Tom Wood, Great Homer Street Market print


Tom Wood is a British photographer best known for his vibrant photographs of Liverpool and the North of England. This print, 'Great Homer Street Market', is taken from Wood's book 'Woman's Market' (available here).

'I was first introduced to Great Homer Street market ("Greaty") in 1975 by a girlfriend with family in Dingle, Liverpool. At that time, I bought two double breasted worsted wool three piece suits and a three buttoned pin stripe suit with turn ups for a total of four pounds. I thought, "what a great market!" It was vast then, down both sides of the road, with much more second hand clothes. This picture was made on the edge of the market. I remember them as brother and sister — maybe having walked around the market for hours, now waiting for their mother to return.' — Tom Wood 

Edition — 100
Details — Four Colour silk screen on 250gsm paper 
Size — 743mm x 594mm

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