TBW Books Series 4 - Erasure by Raymond Meeks

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Meek's poetic work plays out as the artist rides a bicycle around his newly adopted east coast home base. Loss and longing share equal roles as the artist traverses the concrete, snapping away in a style that marries the objectivity of Google Street View with the inquisitive sensitivity of Robert Frank. Using printing techniques that involve over-exposing and laying what Meek's calls a "base fog" to the image, the artist literally masks what he deems "the painful and ugly" in his view of the world. This method of darkroom-manipulation creates an unsettling yet profoundly beautiful and unique book.

Every year, TBW in Oakland, California, publish a series of four books by four of the best contemporary photographers, in an edition of 1500.  This is BOOK 3 from Series 4 (sold as a single book, not the set), published 2013. 

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