Sweet Lassi, Priya Ahluwalia


A brand new book from Westminster fashion graduate Priya Ahluwalia, produced by Harry Fisher (of Machine A, where we do the books) and designed by Hugo Volrath. With texts by Lara Johnson-Wheeler, Ben Reardon & Sarah Mower. 

'In 2017, on a trip visiting family in Lagos, Nigeria, designer Priya Ahluwalia noticed an anachronism: clothes in an environment out of their sorts. Inspired by the look of these garments - typically British branding in a setting outside of their intended purpose - Ahluwalia dug deeper, moving forward on a hunch that the presence of these textiles heralded a larger story.

She wasn’t wrong. Speaking personally to traders, Ahluwalia learned that when clothes are donated to charities in the west, they are often sold to developing countries for profit. Deciding to research further into the life of a second-hand garment, the designer travelled India, thus exploring her mother’s heritage.

Ahluwalia visited Panipat, a city 90km north of Delhi, to photograph the global garment recycling capital of the world. The piles of clothing seen in her resultant images explore the zeitgeist in contemporary design, simultaneously harking to heritage and contemplating sustainability. ‘Sweet Lassi’ presents Ahluwalia’s S/S 19 collection, inspired by research undertaken for the production of the book. Here, this exceptional young designer positions herself as an advocate for fashion to source materials from sustainable origins, pioneering social responsibility among her contemporaries.'

Sweet Lassi is sustainably produced and housed in a biodegradable envelope.