Simon Roberts, New Vedute


Simon Roberts' newest publication is a book + 6 postcards that examines the idealisation of place...the disjuncture between fantasy and reality. 

'In New Vedute (2014-16), Simon Roberts takes traditional Italian tourist postcards found in junk shops and flea markets, all of which have been written on, stamped and sent back to the UK, and reanimates them for a contemporary purpose. Framing one image within another, he uses these postcards depicting idealised views of Italy— grand historical monuments, ancient ruins, picturesque natural landscapes and holiday destinations—as backdrops upon which he then superimposes vernacular photographs from Italy, which include his father’s holiday snapshots, his own photographs taken with a compact camera and freely-available images found online.

New Vedute includes a specially commissioned essay (in English and Italian) by writer and critic Emanuele Trevi, and comes with a concertina presentation of six new postcards, blank on the reverse, which can be used by recipients of the book.'

published by Minimalist Works, January 2019, 87 pages, 14 cm X 21 cm, 29 plates plus 6 loose postcards