Shi Guorui, Rebirth 重生: Camera Obscura Work

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Rebirth (2011) was designed to coincides with an exhibition of the photographer's works at L&M Arts in Los Angeles, California, and comprises the first complete monograph of his camera obscura creations from years 2001 to 2011.

Though the deeply personal nature of Shi’s camera obscura is still much in evidence, the book also presents a more expansive contemporary dialogue about relationships in a global society. Among its highlights is a new collection of photographs of urban sites which allude to the American Dream as it exists in America and as it is conveyed and interpreted in China. Each image is also documented in a specific period of current conflict or historic significance. Against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving modern society in China and within the context of an increasingly complex global community, Shi’s works visually examine the structures that symbolise cultural, political and economic authority in our time.' from website of Asia One Books

Includes artist statement and biography. L&M Arts, co-published with Asia One Books, 2011.