Sarah Piantadosi, The City Is Abstract



'The City Is Abstract' presents a head-to-head between two subcultural figures from opposing sides of the Atlantic; Emil Bognar-Nasdor, from NYC experimental hardcore band Dawn of Humans, and Reba Maybury, dominatrix and founder of Wet Satin Press.

What're the materials of this city? Is sensuality less valuable than rational thought? Is there a split between mind and body, or rather between these two types of mentality? ...Is our city abstract? Kathy Acker, Don Quixote,1986

I saw Emil playing in his band Dawn of Humans, on stage he's naked with his cock and balls tied up, covered in paint and screaming. Its a visceral and unique experience to say the least! I invited him to come to my studio to take pictures, and Reba came along and spontaneously joined in which brought the pictures to a different level entirely. Sarah Piantadosi, Twin Magazine, 2016

Limited edition of 250 numbered copies, art directed by Jamie Andrew Reid.