Sarah Piantadosi, The City Is Abstract


What're the materials of this city? Is sensuality less valuable than rational thought? Is there a split between mind and body, or rather between these two types of mentality? ...Is our city abstract? Kathy Acker, Don Quixote,1986

I saw Emil playing in his band Dawn of Humans, on stage he's naked with his cock and balls tied up, covered in paint and screaming. Its a visceral and unique experience to say the least! I invited him to come to my studio to take pictures, and Reba came along and spontaneously joined in which brought the pictures to a different level entirely. Sarah Piantadosi, Twin Magazine, 2016

'The City Is Abstract' presents a head-to-head between two subcultural figures from opposing sides of the Atlantic; Emil Bognar-Nasdor, from NYC experimental hardcore band Dawn of Humans, and Reba Maybury, dominatrix and founder of Wet Satin Press.

Limited edition of 250 copies, art directed by Jamie Andrew Reid.