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Responses to Love's Work (1995) by Gillian Rose

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We're very happy to be stocking Responses to Love's Work by Gillian Rose, the new (and fourth) publication in a series of anthologies from London-based Pilot Press, seeking contemporary responses to works of art made during the AIDS crisis.

The book gathers a collection of responses to British philosopher Gillian Rose's 1995 memoir Love's Work. With contributions from Cookie Mueller, Ian Patterson, Dodie Bellamy, Katherine Franco, James McDermott, Lotte Crawford, Moss Pepe, James Main, Nick Blackburn, Thea Petrou, Josiah Moktar, Roelof Bakker, Christopher Madden, Kashif Sharma-Patel, Madeleine Pulman-Jones, Lucy Swan, Lou Collins, Ted Simonds, Molly Gough, Edward Thomasson, Richard Porter, Alexandra Symons Sutcliffe, Cecilia Pavón, Kate Morgan, Olivia Laing, Ashleigh A. Allen and Reverend Joyce McDonald

Love's Work is described as 'a raw but always artfully wrought confrontation with the 'deeper levels of the terrors of the soul' by Daniel Mendelsohn, and 'a new allegory about love' by Marina Warner. Gillian Rose 1947 – 1995 was a British philosopher and writer, whose writings include The Melancholy Science, Hegel Contra Sociology, Dialectic of Nihilism, Mourning Becomes the Law, and Paradiso, amongst others.

Published by Pilot Press,  London, July 2022.