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Precious Okoyomon and Charlotte Wales, Conversations with Angels

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A Chopova Lowena fairytale for AW23. A reinterpretation of The Snow Queen by poet Precious Okoyomon, originally written in 1844 by Hans Christian Andersen. With photographs by Charlotte Wales starring Chloe Sevigny. Art direction for the book by Jamie Reid. 

“We love printed projects, and we like having the element of something people can keep in addition to the show,” Laura Lowena says. She added that because the AW23 collection “was inspired by 1970 ski, the Georgian era and British dress, it felt right, especially with how wintery it is to pair with The Snow Queen.

"I gave myself over to whatever fantasy they wanted to create and enter into their world, and hopefully, I channelled whatever they wanted to present. Working with designers in that capacity is really stimulating and a great alternative to acting, and you know, I've done editorial stuff, but this felt more expansive since it was a whole book.” (Chloe Sevigny for Dazed)