Philippe Morillon, 80'


An incredibly beautiful box of 40 loose prints of illustrations by Philippe Morillon, accompanied by comments written by friends of the artist.

Printed in an edition of 100, signed and numbered, on Olin 200g paper.

Very very special.

Extracts from the texts:

Tristan Garcia on print No. 40, Empty Winston Pack No. 13, Gilles in the carpet"In both cases, it is the thin film of the time that appears to me, once the time and the contents have fled. There remains a flatness of color, and an eccentric loneliness, which seems to be remembered in advance of formidable and fugitive years; there remains of the pack of cigarettes once smoked, as of the life once lived, the translucent packing which preserves the form of the void. I find the two pictures very beautiful and melancholy: the boy seems about to leave the image in the first and the second, there is only one object, or the holster of the object, to remain a witness."

Simon Liberati on print No. 35, Serge Kruger as a driver:"SK was a woman's man and an esthete. I remember his white Thunderbird with transparent roof, often parked on Palestro Street at the Grand Cerf Passage. I also remember that he had invited my friend Marceline to dine at the Lobster Cup and Schweppes. I used that in a book, I do not know where. I found it two years ago at the time of Edwige's death in Bordeaux, unchanged. He always talked about his life as a performance. The reduced public of former days did not need to be more numerous, it was satisfied with its control and its pleasure."

Each print is 30 x 40cm