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Peter Saville, NEW ORDER: Untitled

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"I’ve never been able to come up with a word for it - it was a one-off thing. It’s called ‘Untitled’ because it had no specific purpose, and therefore it had no specific title. It was 1989, and New Order were about to go on tour in the US, so I suggested doing a kind of ‘book’ which could be sold on the tour - so you could call it a tour book." - Peter Saville

A rare, one-off publication created for the 1898 US tour of New Order's Technique album, Untitled features artwork by Peter Saville, alongside photographs of the band, Tony Wilson, Rob Gretton and others, shot by Donald Christie, Trevor Key/Preter Saville and Kevin Cummins. This visual material is accompanied by elliptical, enigmatic bits of text, such as "#6 ...trying to get to nothingness" — quotations, as a caption reveals, by Jon Savage, Paul Morley and a number of others.

As Saville explains in a 2016 interview with ShowStudio, the publication was, in the end, not ready in time for the tour, and never properly distributed: “Most of them weren’t shipped and remained in a basement in Manchester. Factory was gone within three to four years, so who knows what happened to them. Maybe they were thrown away, maybe someone took them home.” 

First edition, 1989.