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Nicole Della Costa, As Serious as a Hiccup

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As Serious as a Hiccup is an intimate and emotive reflection on the simplicity of her everyday musings. Having invited fellow writers, friends and strangers to contribute by transcribing their poetry into her journal, the book includes a wide range of general ephemera, from scanned fragments of writing on napkins to excerpts of more serious text paired with simple, unadorned line drawings. Reflecting on the experiences of people from all walks of life, the collaborators' own writing impacts Nicole's experience just as much as her writing impacts theirs.” — Showstudio 

Nicole Della Costa (b. Rio de Janeiro, BR) lives and works in New York City, NY. She is a poet and multi-media artist practicing in writing, performance and video. She has self-published two books of poetry, En+Theos and Ask Me About the Secret Poetry Club, from a series of poetry readings held at the bookstore at Pioneer Works in New York. Selected editorial contributions include Introducing The Beggar (edited by Sonny Hall), Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio, Worms Magazine and A Part Magazine. She is the founder of The Poetry Bank, a non-profit poetry sharing platform geared at amplifying and circulating poetry that mimics an offline exchange of poems. Instead of being categorized by authors, it is categorized by people from a diversity of backgrounds.

Published by Pois é, 2021.