Michael Bracewell, Souvenir *signed

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Michael Bracewell’s most recent book could be read as a love letter to late-twentieth-century London, with the narrative conjuring haunted bedsits, post-punk entrepreneurs in the Soho Brasserie, occultists in Fitzrovia, Docklands before Canary Wharf, frozen suburbs in the winter of 1980 and more.

“Neither a memoir nor a work of psychogeography,” Souvenir, as Sean O’Hagan writes, has elements of both, its shifting, impressionist narrative made up of recalled moments, places and encounters in the now impossibly distant London of the 1970s and 80s. It is a short book, more an extended essay, about a big subject: the fading of what he calls the electrical-mechanical era that shaped the city until the mid-80s and the dawning of the digital-driven rapacious one that we now live in—if we can afford to.” (O’Hagan, 2021)

Published by White Rabbit, 2021