Martin Zähringer, John Baker *signed


'John Baker is a character study of a friend that photographer Martin Zähringer made on a trip to Barbados. On the last evening on the island before he returned home, Martin headed out for a drive and pulled in at the fish market in Half Moon Fort, where John was in the process of repainting his boat. John said he was the shark killer. Later that year, Martin returned to spend 11 days with John, seeking to find out who this person, who had so intrigued him, really was, with no presumed expectations about the outcome of the project. With John, Martin learns how to fish, drinks white rum and water, and documents the experience. Meanwhile the strongest Hurricane ever recorded flies past, 200 miles offshore to the north of the island.'

It would be difficult to avoid John in Half Moon Fort. He seems omnipresent, wherever you go you can hear his deep, loud and jovial voice. It doesn’t take long until Martin is submerged in the fabric and functioning of this small fishing village, and finds himself driving elderly ladies up the hill, and to church come Sunday.

Self published, 26 x 18.5 cm, 96 pages, softcover, 150 copies

Signed in a special RAINBOW pencil :)