Lara Tabet, The Reeds


Stuttered shots record a city's id, sheltered by a topographical anomaly and illuminated by the gloam of a metropolis, the figures and landscape in Tabet's book are caught in daguerrotype-esque motion and texture. Weeds, brackish water, pants around ankles. Like a spirit photograph, the unseen cannot be fully captured, only sensed fleetingly - in this case, not through a spy hole but through a break in a bank of reeds.

'The Reeds explores Tabet's relationship to a specific place in Beirut. A public space, central to the city, but tucked away, giving it a sense of remoteness and obscurity. It is a collaboration between one who is familiar with the space and its happenings and another, whose sole familiarity takes the form of folk tales or fairy tales recounted by the other. Tales of random sexual encounters that define this space at night.' (Lara Tabet & Michelle Daher)

Softcover, first edition, numbered 66 of 100 copies, 20.5 x 27cm, 2015