Kostas Murkudis, MMK catalogue


Frankfurts Museum fur Moderne Kunst has in recent years championed a programmatic focus on the borderlands between the visual arts and fashion. In 2015, MMK2 galleries housed a career-defining exhibition exploring the work of Dresden-born fashion designer Kostas Murkudis, with interiors and displays designed by the artist Carsten Nicolai. This catalogue reflects the spatial and sculptural qualities of both the fashion designers and the artists practice, employing a range of visual languages, paper stocks, tonal shifts. Throughout there is a focus on texture and material, the kinetic principle and mutability to which textile surfaces are subject.

published by MMK Museum fur Moderne Kunst and Prestel in 2015, with English and German texts

Also available: an untitled, signed Polaroid by Mark Borthwick, similar to one featured in this book