John Kayser, Sitting


Sold Out

rare/ obsession/ softness/ kink

A special chance to acquire this now very rare book, designed by British-born New York-based Peter Miles, documenting John Kayser's strange pleasures...this is our last copy. 

'Limited edition of 400 copies, Sitting features a selection of vintage photographs by a previously unknown photographer named John Kayser, who had a passion for photographing nude women sitting on all manner of unlikely things: pies, cakes, bread, fish bowls, cats and vegetables, both indoors and out. John Kayser made photographs and films in California in the 1960s and 70s. His house and the streets of Los Angeles were stage for the private rituals that defined his obsession with female beauty. The women he captured on film performed at the heart of a photographic practice that remained out of sight while he was alive.'

New, softcover, title and edition number handwritten in white paint onto shrinkwrap, published by Peter Miles Studio, New York, 2016.