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Jet Swan, Seam, 2020, printed 2021, *signed

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'Photography is the place I really feel myself and can play and use my instinct. It’s a very reliable source of joy for me and because of that I feel almost protective over it, I don’t take it for granted and I do it all the time to keep connected to it, it’s my favourite thing to do.

In this image, there’s a stillness and sense of weight that I love and often come back to this picture to remind myself of that feeling. It’s a work I really enjoy looking at over and over and it’s really special to be able to make an edition of a picture you like so much.' 

Offered in a limited edition of 25 + 4 APS, each digital c-type print is signed and numbered on the reverse. The image is 488 x 325 mm, printed onto paper sized 508 x 345 mm. 

Published by Claire de Rouen, December, 2021

British artist Jet Swan (b.1990) grew up in North Yorkshire. Her work moves between the parameters of documentary and classical portraiture. She lives and works in Ramsgate, Kent.