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Jérémie Lenoir, DUST

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'DUST sees Jérémie Lenoir travel the border between water and land all around the salt lake of Utah (Salt Lake), where human operations of sodium, magnesium, potassium and oil are established. The amazing colors result from the concentration of salt, algae, micro-organisms, or are artificially generated by evaporation-accelerating additives [...]

Production protocol: during several residences spread over 3 years, Jérémie Lenoir photographed the contours of the salt lake, making several flights above each selected landscape to follow, trace and understand its transformation.

The photographer always shot at the same time, around noon, when the sun is at its zenith; this light which crushes the reliefs and the colors offers a neutrality and a flatness essential to obtain this confusion between photography and painting. All the images are also captured at the same altitude, around 450m / 1500ft, and with the same fixed focal length to obtain scale consistency. By combining aerial point of view and abstraction, the artist pursues his work of an anthropology of the landscape while experimenting with the limits of the photographic medium; a sensitive and unique look at our contemporary world.' (from the publisher)

Published by Light Motiv, 2018. Text in French and English.