Jamie Hawkesworth and Joan Didion, On Keeping a Notebook *signed

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On Keeping a Notebook, volume four of The Gould Collection pairs forty-four photographs and five drawings by British photographer Jamie Hawkesworth with American writer Joan Didion’s essay On Keeping a Notebook. Through words for Didion and images for Hawkesworth, volume four focuses on the practice of collecting fragmentary thoughts and observations within an artist’s creative process. Hawkesworth’s photographs—shot from 2012 through 2019 in Japan, Mongolia, Romania, Russia, United States, United Kingdom, among other locations—are a personal record of his short pleasurable journeys. While Didion’s musings in her essay On Keeping a Notebook, written in 1966, examine the fluid line between fact and fiction through the comments and notes that fill her private journal.

Published by The Gould Collection (Paris, New York and Tokyo) in November 2019. 
25 cm x 18 cm, 92 pp, 49 images, exposed Swiss binding in softcover in dust-jacket & belly band, text in English and Japanese, edition of 1000. 

signed copy with small tear on cover obi band (see image)