Irving Penn, Worlds in a Small Room, *second-hand

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Penn's second book, entirely in black and white, focuses on his work as an "ambulant studio photographer," photographing people around the world over twenty years. Beginning with his trip to Cuzco in 1948, where he rented a daylight studio, it follows his experiences adapting existing spaces into studios with Northern exposure on location in Crete, Spain, and San Francisco. These efforts to control the conditions of the environment led him to construct a custom-built traveling tent studio. He took the tent on five trips from 1967 to 1971: to Dahomey, Nepal, Cameroon, New Guinea, and Morocco. Penn first imagined this book as a "love letter" to the Rolleiflex camera, which he used for all these photographs and felt particular gratitude to in his portrait work, since it allowed him to interact and connect with the sitters as he worked. Recently discovered Super-8 footage taken in Morocco by his wife Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn shows Penn at work in the tent.

Published by Grossman Publishers, New York, 1974
Softcover / 95 pages / 76 duotone illustrations