Ian Macdonald, In the corner of the art room overlooking the science labs (2017) *signed limited edition print


For 28 years, Ian Macdonald taught art 2 days a week at a comprehensive school in East Cleveland, Yorkshire. Frequently standing his 4 x 5 camera in the art room, he made many photographs of pupils and staff who he considered to have a particular presence. In this instance, his sitter's full cheeks and ringed hands conjure Renaissance portraits, but her oversized ribbed jersey and cotton overcoat locate her in the now. 

Photographed in 1984, printed 2017. Signed in pencil on reverse. Silver gelatin hand print made by Ian in his darkroom in Summer 2017, especially for Claire de Rouen. A very small edition of only 10 prints. 10 x 8" image size on 12 x 9.5" paper.