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Alice Goddard, Theo Sion (eds.), Hot and Cool, Issue 8

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That thing that happens once in a pink moon. Something so elegant, witty, knowing and curious, effortlessly fashionable, linguistically smart, radical, classic, new and rare all at the same time comes into the world.  Hot and Cool, a fashion and art magazine, was published between 2010 and 2018 by British editors, stylist Alice Goddard and photographer Theo Sion. 

Each issue was a capsule of editorials, interviews, portfolios and empty space (blank pages are very cool), issued forth from the most important creatives of a new generation and paying homage, also, to forebears. Joe McKenna, Harley Weir, John Divola, Claude Closky, Jamie Hawkesworth, Alice Goddard, Theo Sion, Tiny Barney, the list goes on.

We're very pleased to have a few copies of Issue 8 available. These are very rare! And still in their plastic sleeves. 

“'You should never go to them, let them come to you,' say Hot and Cool magazine founders Alice Goddard and Theo Sion of the publication’s radical philosophy regarding readership. "We wanted to make something that people have to go out and look for, rather than something that shouts at you from every social media platform." Despite its ethos, the biannual has became the most talked-about new fashion/art hybrid of the moment." —Brent Randall, (Dazed, 2015)

Issue 8, 2013
Featuring Asta Meldal Lynge, Richard Misrach, Gerry Johansson and Per Lui

*Rare. Sealed copy.