Alice Goddard, Theo Sion (eds.), Hot and Cool, Issues 1-12

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That thing that happens once in a pink moon. Something so elegant, witty, knowing and curious, effortlessly fashionable, linguistically smart, radical, classic, new and rare all at the same time comes into the world.  

Hot and Cool, a fashion and art magazine, was published between 2010 and 2018 by British editors, stylist Alice Goddard and photographer Theo Sion. 

Each issue was a capsule of editorials, interviews, portfolios and empty space (blank pages are very cool), issued forth from the most important creatives of a new generation and paying homage, also, to forebears. Joe McKenna, Harley Weir, John Divola, Claude Closky, Jamie Hawkesworth, Alice Goddard, Theo Sion, Tiny Barney, the list goes on.

Here, we offer a complete run (with all covers of issues that had multiples) — to our knowledge, the only one in the world available to buy.

“'You should never go to them, let them come to you,' say Hot and Cool magazine founders Alice Goddard and Theo Sion of the publication’s radical philosophy regarding readership. "We wanted to make something that people have to go out and look for, rather than something that shouts at you from every social media platform." Despite its ethos, the biannual has became the most talked-about new fashion/art hybrid of the moment." —Brent Randall, (Dazed, 2015)

Issue 1, 2010 
*Condition: Cover shows signs of wear.* Zine format, featuring an interview with Juhee C. 

Issue 2, 2011
*Condition: Good.* Featuring: Stevie MacKenzie-Smith; Roberta Ridolfi

Issue 3, 2011
*Condition: Good.* Featuring: Piotr Lakomy, Staci Green, Turned Out

Issue 4, 2012

*Condition: Good.* Featuring: Dara Birnbaum, Joe McKenna, John Divola, Phoebe Pryce

Issue 5, 2013
*Condition: Good.Featuring: Claude Closky, Anna Paterson, Anna Cockburn, Ben Weller, Amanda Montenovo, Sally Cruikshank, Joel Furness

Issue 6, 2013
*Condition: Good.Featuring Asta Meldal Lynge, Richard Misrach, Gerry Johansson and Per Lui

Issue 7, 2014
*Condition: Good.* Featuring interviews with Whit Stillman, Tina Barney and Ian Macdonald

Issue 8, 2014
*Condition: Good....the ‘you know, for kids’ issue. Featuring Ella Kruglyanskaya, Mungo Thomson, Colin Dodgson, Harley Weir, Theo Sion, Alice Goddard and Ariella Wolens.

Issue 9, 2015 (x 2 copies with distinct covers)
*Condition: Good.* "I think the issue feels like a continuation from the last one; it doesn't have a theme but, is based loosely on things we were interested in over the 6 months that we were putting it together. We were watching quite a bit of Ali G, I hope this issue gets a double vassap!" Themed around painting, this issue features:
Alex Katz, Sascha Braunig, Falk Gernegroiu, Colin Dodgson, Jamie Hawkesworth, Oliver Hadlee Pearch, Theo Sion, Alice Goddard, Max Pearmain, Max Clark, Ariella Wolens, Louise Benson.

Issue 10, 2016
*Condition: Perfect / shrink-wrapped* …a grunge-y strange, sexy portfolio of 1990s black-and-white street snaps from David Sims, a feature on little-known work by artist Mike Kelly, a Max Pearmain-styled shoot by Theo Sion & an Alice Goddard x Tim Walker extravaganza. Also, a very special collection of texts from the artwork The Most Beautiful Things #1-5, 2005, by Aleksandra Mir. These include: “Christmas day cab driver” And “A sweating soda delivery man on a hot summer day." 

Issue 11, 2017
*Condition: Good.Including work by Julia Wachtel, Mark Kostabi, Evan McGraw, Talia Chetrit, Colin Dodgson, Theo Sion, Joe McKenna, Max Pearmain, Alice Goddard & Ariella Wolens.

Issue 12, 2018
*Condition: Perfect / shrink-wrapped* Featuring: Peter Saul, Charlie White, Simon Thompson, Talia Chetrit, Jamie Hawkesworth, Max Pearmain, Colin Dodgson, Alice Goddard, Theo Sion, Ariella Wolens, Matt Williams & Louise Benson.

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