Douglas Irvine, Kushti

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A very beautiful book self published in an edition of 100 by Douglas Irvine, to raise funds for Oxfam India, Indian Red Cross and Mission Oxygen.

'Kushti documents a form of wrestling called 'Pehlwani' or 'Kushti'. It’s been practiced throughout India at traditional wrestling schools known as Akharas since the 16th century. This Akhara was in Varanasi, the city considered to be the spiritual capital of India. Practicing Kushti, to me, seems to bear much resemblance to devoting yourself to Buddhism, both physically and mentally. The jargon is certainly shared.

This Akhara in particular, like hundreds of others over the past decade, was closing down to make way for a modern gymnasium. This, in addition to an increase in the consumption of alcohol amongst younger generations in India (which doesn’t sit well with the practice), has resulted in less than a 5th of Indias Akharas still remaining.

Kushti dates back to the Mughals and is passed down through generations. An Akhara means the circle or more precisely the spiritual core.' (Douglas Irvine)

All proceeds go to Oxfam India, Indian Red Cross and Mission Oxygen.

Published by Douglas Irvine in a limited edition of 100, each with a signed and numbered print (the last image shown here). 

A5 | 60p ages | Foil embossed hard cover with foil embossed slip case |  Printed on mohawk eggshell 148GSM paper | 10x15cm archival print (signed and numbered) | Printed by FE BURMAN