Dick Jewell, Found Photos


A rare revised edition of this cult photobook, made in December 1981 and signed by Dick Jewell at the same time. An early example of the use of found photos for new artistic endeavour. Radical for its time, and still now. Good condition, some light wear. Glue brittle.

'I published the first edition of my first book Found Photos in 1979. The book was devoted to photobooth pictures, all of which had been discarded and in most cases I had found in the vicinity of the machine that had taken them. I started the salvage process in the summer of 1968 at a booth I was visiting on Brighton seafront during the course of my my own photographic pursuits and thereafter I continued to scavenge London photo booths, in the main those found at underground stations.' (from an interview with Dick Jewell on LANDSCAPE Stories - read the full interview here)