Dawn Ades, Writings on Art and Anti-Art


Edited by the wondrous Doro Globus, the cover of art historian Dawn Ades' collection of essays presents a work by Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray, Belle Haleine, Eau de Voilette (1921).. a fictional scent, Duchamp as a woman..

Writings on Art and Anti-Art is broken into six sections: Art and Power, Abstraction, Surrealism, Gender and Identity, Dali and The Photographic Image. 

Wander through and find 'Surrealism: Fetishism's Job' on page 255, 'Hannah Hoch and the "New Woman"' on page 415, 'John Stezaker, Monteur' on page 571...as well as deep essays on Francis Bacon, Marcel Duchamp and Salvador Dali. 

A major intellect writing on the past and what is important about it now: gender, identity, the impact of new mediums and the enduring significance of the materials of art.