Dan Fox, Pretentiousness: Why It Matters

'Dan Fox makes a very good case for a re-evaluation of the word "pretentious". The desire to be more than we are shouldn't be belittled. Meticulously researched, persuasively argued ‰ÛÒ where would we be as a culture if no-one was prepared to risk coming across as pretentious? Absolument nowhere, darling ‰ÛÒ that's where.'

‰ÛÓ Jarvis Cocker

‰Û÷Dan Fox‰۪s book celebrates the art in artifice, the let‰۪s pretend in pretentiousness, arriving at an eloquent, important understanding of how culture has always provided an escape from the dreariness of routine work and productive life. Exhaustively researched and passionately written, recognizing those who audaciously ‰ÛÏpretend‰۝ to beauty beyond their present means, Pretentiousness is a deeply optimistic and affirming book.'

‰ÛÓ Chris Kraus, author of I Love Dick

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Dan Fox, Pretentiousness: Why It Matters - Claire de Rouen Books