Dafydd Jones, The Last Hurrah

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“I had access to what felt like a secret world. It was a subject that had been written about and dramatised but I don’t think any photographers had ever tackled before. There was a change going on. Someone described it as a ‘last hurrah’ of the upper classes.” -  Dafydd Jones

After winning a prize in a photography competition run by The Sunday Times magazine in 1981 with a set of pictures of the ‘Bright Young Things’, British photographer Dafydd Jones was hired by Tatler magazine to photograph the Hunt Balls, society weddings and debutante dances of the British upper class season. He continued to do so until 1989.

Newsprint publication released by STANLEY/ BARKER in 2018. Tabloid, 24 pages, folded along the middle (as when released). Now out of print. First edition.