Lorena Lohr, Bar Room Paintings

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Claire de Rouen has stocked Lorena Lohr's unassuming and yet incredible publications from the beginning.. and we're proud to offer her recent publication, Bar Room Paintings. Lohr says it's like a European version of the work she's made on journeys across the vast stretches of inland America. 

Her friend, the writer Louise Benson, suggests:

'The experience of the unknown, together with the heightened sensations of both wonderment and fear that come with it, is embraced in Lohr's focus on neglected interiors and faded facades. By casting her eye on their overlooked details, she shows what it means to see even the most ubiquitous of spaces with unfamiliar eyes, serving as a continual reminder of her own status as a visitor.'

21 x 15cm, faded mint green softcover, 2019

This is our last copy and has a slight ding in the cover.