Kirsty Bell, The Artist's House

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Kirsty Bell's book presents the artist's house as a prism through which we can view not only the artistic practice of its inhabitant, but also broader developments in sculpture and contemporary art in relation to domestic architecture and interior space. Often based on interviews and site visits about the role of the artist's home in relation to their work, Bell looks at the house as receptacle, vehicle, model, theatre, and dream space.

Artists discussed in beautifully-written short essays include Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Mark Leckey, Gabriel Orozco, Kurt Schwitters, Alice Neel, Carlo Mollino and Louise Bourgeois.

A deeply rewarding book that is serious and yet generous - lending itself to being dipped into whilst on the sofa, in the bath or on the way to work. Also a special book for Claire de Rouen (we hosted the London launch with Kirsty when it was released in 2013).