Cassandra Press, Reader on Interraciality and PTSD


A US import from Cassandra Press, the LA-based publishing practice of artist Kandis Williams.

A simple spiral bound reader, compiling texts including:

- Doctors Joy De Gruy-leary, Brenda Wade, and Gail Wyatt in conversation on the continuing bonds of slavery and their traumatic and sexual affects, 2005, Essence magazine
- Skin of Film, Laura U. Marks, memory of images, 2000
- Booker Cook unpacking the concept and effect of the DuBoisian double consciousness through to its potential reversal - cultural Oneness
- Bracha Ettinger, a coil withdraws inside a coil. Or: traces of trauma of the other inside the autistic Kernel, a text that provides a psychoanalytic mapping of the 'sunken place' from Jordan peele's film, get out, and the potential for art working to transmit and unravel traces from the Real of the body-psyche in historically traumatic moments

Plus Frantz Fanon, Allan Schore, Carina Ray and Kinitra Brooks.

By purchasing this reader you are supporting free radical pedagogy.

'Our intention is to spread ideas, distribute new language, propagate dialogue centering ethics, aesthetics, femme driven activism, and black scholarship because y'all ain't listening.' (Cassandra Press)