Boris Mikhailov, Yesterday's Sandwich


This is the first book published on Russian photographer Boris Mikhailov’s fascinating early body of work, entitled the Superimposition series. Mikhailov (b.1938) is one of the most influential Russian photographers living today. An artist, documentary photographer and social observer, he has experimented with many photographic styles and his work is highly respected by both the photography world and contemporary art lovers. In this series from the late 60s to early 70s, he has overlaid two colour slides, to create "sandwiches", i.e beautifully composed tableaux of glamorous women, surreal urban landscapes and strange scenes of everyday Soviet life.

"Each image is made of several slides superimposed to form the 'visual sandwich'. The results are fascinating, varying from the surreal and the disturbing to the beautiful and the sublime... [An] excellent publication."—Amateur Photographer

Hardback, 124 pages, 34 x 23cm, published by Phaidon, now out of print