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Alessandra Sanguinetti, Sorry, Welcome *First Edition

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Alessandra Sanguinetti is known for her lyrical, softly-drawn photography, exploring the themes of memory and place, as well as the psychological transitions of youth.

In Sorry, Welcome Sanguinetti veers away from her earlier work that proved her to be a photographic powerhouse, pausing to offer beholders a glimpse into her own life. Shot over a short period of time during the winter of 2012, the photographs in this publication bear witness to the photographer's love for her daughter—her "little Catalina Luna" as the book's dedication has it—but also the discovery of her "new loves Ruby and Jim," the new daughter and partner that Sanguinetti welcomes into her life with this book. Sorry, Welcome is a pointed and tender work and a loving tribute to the family structure.

Published in 2013 by TBW Books. Edition of 1500.