Alan McFetridge, On The Line


On The Line is an elegiac field document made at the site of Canada’s largest mass evacuation due to wildfire. It is beautifully printed using vegetable inks and recycled paper.

'Wildfire, a natural phenomenon, is increasing in frequency, severity and area-burned in many parts of the world. For the boreal forest, the world’s largest woodland, this change is likely to have a rapid and profound effect. Studies conclude greenhouse gas emissions from human activity has made this region warmer and this is undoubtedly the cause behind the change. 

This is occurring in a rapid and profound way from anthropogenic activity, leaving the question, where will we go when we can not inhabit the lands we have, since our beginning?' (Alan McFetridge)

Archival glassine print bag 17” x 21”, Extract Paper by GF Smith made from discarded coffee cups, Vegetable Inks - Printed in England at Park Communications, London, Design by Duncan Whyte, Published 2019

Alan McFetridge is a photographer based in London. ‘His interest is in the forced migration of people, both on small and large scales, due to economic, social, political or environmental events. Whatever the scale of the event from the outside, those affected by them experience them as life changing. The power of humankind to radically change the lives of others of their kind, often for the worse, is played out in these situations with the quiet menace of domestic upheaval. The interplay between personal experience and “the event” is explored in the works. From the Balfron Tower, where tenants were forced to leave to accommodate a wealthier class’s arrival, to the democratic Christchurch earthquakes and his current project is the role of fire.' (Juan Ruben Reyes)