GUT magazine the magic issue aw 2016

The 15th century goddess Tlazolteotl, riding her broomstick naked to the sabbath.
Our muse, she represents GUT because she does things her own way and is lumpy and clumsy while she does it.

GUT magazine was founded by artists Ami Evelyn Hughes and Georgia Kemball as a space to showcase work that is instinctual, clumsy and raw. Expect cave trolls, witches, distinguished wizards, toads and occult runaways amongst tons more otherworldly delights.


Ami Evelyn Hughes, Ben Freeman, Claire Barrow, Eilidh Nuala Duffy, Ethan Price, Etiénné Chartrand, Georgia Kemball, HELENAMANZANO, Jack Felgate, James Deacon, Jessica Taylor, Joshua gordon & Jess Maybury, Joyce NG, Leonn Ward, Lucas Dillon, Oskar Proctor, Raphael Bliss, Racheal Crowther, Studio C&C, Saskia Dixie, Sylvie Macmillan, Theo Cottle.


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MACHINE A gut magazine the magic issue aw 2016 - Claire de Rouen Books