Tinted Window Issue 1


Tinted Window is a new journal that will focus on one undervalued subject or figure in great depth, per issue. TW1 examines the important work of French photographer and writer Hervé Guibert, whose confessional fiction significantly changed public attitudes to AIDS (he died from the condition age 36). It features the first English translation (by Jeffrey Zuckerman) of Guibert's short story, Flash Paper, with a set of previously unpublished 'oral histories' collected by Brigitte Ollier (these include past lovers, friends, colleagues). Andrew Durbin has contributed a short story based on his trip to Greece to find a painting of Guibert, Bruce Hainley has contributed his essay on Guibert's film la pudeur et l'impudeur which documents his daily life, and John Douglas Millar considers Guibert's photography in relation to the category of autofiction, specifically Guibert's relationship to philosopher Michel Foucault. Tinted Window is edited by Alex Bennett and Oscar Gaynor.