ABC Photography

An illustrated children's A-Z describing the technical and conceptual principles of photography through a series of beautiful questions, encouraging us all to open our eyes and enjoy looking at and making images.

M is for memory, L is for landscape, H is for histories and B is for black-and-white. 

With works by Martin Parr, Wolfgang Tillmans, Nan Goldin, Alec Soth, Peter Lindbergh, Sarah Illenberger, Christopher Bucklow, Denis Darzacq, Thekla Ehling, Jason Evans, Bela Borsodi, Doug DuBois, Sylvie Zi- jlmans, Achim Lippoth, Roger Ballen, John MacLean, Neetha Madahar, Christoph Niemann, Bene Ochs, Simon Roberts, Julian R̦der, Sebastịo Salgado, Walter Scheels, Robin Schwartz, Sascha Weidner and Tim Walker.

published by Tarzipan Books in 2016, 65 colour pages, 25 x 21cm


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ABC Photography - Claire de Rouen Books