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Linder and Dawn Ades, Linder

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Linder is best known for her pioneering photomontages that replace the sexualised imagery of soft-focus pornographic centrefolds with commodities of domestic middle-class life. Surprising, humorous, and at times shocking, these precise compositions bring to light the powerful fantasies and repressions that underlie our social expectations of identity.

Spanning almost four decades, this monograph interweaves numerous photomontage series throughout Linder’s career, demonstrating the artist’s manipulation of disparate source material – from brightly saturated male pornographic imagery to softly lit portraits of ballerinas. Accompanying over 250 illustrations, a conversation between the artist and Dawn Ades reconciles her work with the history of photomontage.

Hardback, Published by Ridinghouse 2015, Dimensions: 28.5 x 22.4 cm, 270 pp, 255 colour ill